No, no, i did not do that !

On 20/11/2011 by kweide

It was the kiddies from the neighborhood, believe me, please ! Who am i to not believe such eyes ?? Yes, dear, i believe it, it was that kiddies in Darth Vader costums, not You !

Such expression works ! Train it with your model and find a striking position from where you do the shoot. Mostly it is a bit higher so you shoot from top down. That gives a wonderful perspective and a great look. DonĀ“t forget to set the focus to the nearest eye and go close to your subject with the aperture fully opened. Look for the light. It should illuminate her face and not YOU back ! And believe me, you should wear no bright T-shirt or other bright clothes. The reflection from such clothes do have a severe impact on you exposure !! And will producce unwanted highlights in her eyes or on her skin.

Details: Olympus E-P1, Lumix 20 mm f1.7, ISO200, f1.7, 1/60 second. No flash, no reflector or other tricks :) just the windowlight.

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