Hey, look !

On 20/11/2011 by kweide

Today is a lazy day. Even the weather is lazy :). No sun only gray clouds and a bit rainy. Everything is boring. You know that ?? So spice up your a day a bit. Watch your model how she answers her daily essential questions in front of her wardrobe. “How should i dress today ?”. “The red one ?? The greens ? Or those with the yellow spots on it ? And if, which lingerie should i dress ? Okay today i take CHOCOLATE !”

Well, decision is made and Bang here she is. Dressed in chocolate added with same nice accessories, a yellow ribbon, a sweet ring. Nice looking. And yes, she felt good in such dress and enjoyed her dress as well. “Hey, photographer, look !” What could i do ? You name it: Klick, Klick, Klick…. and again the lazy day turns to be a good day ! “Yes, work with that ribbon as well !” Clear advice, she can easily follow. And look what she made out of it.

Details: Olympus E-5, Sigma 50 f1.4 @ f2, ISO200, 1/125 second, 50 mm focal length. No flash added, no reflector, just the light from the window. So place her accordingly to make the best of it. It is that easy, try it at home !

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