Unusual view

On 20/11/2011 by kweide

“Sweetheart, this cruising ship is amazing. I really enjoy sitting here in the sun looking onto the blue sea. Come on, take some nice pictures.” You see ?? You understand ?? Fxxxx is again in your head, no relax, no refreshment. But you hear yourself saying “Sweet idea, darling, wonderful as you said ” and you grab your camera with a deep big grin in you face while sitting in your chair put it overhead and KLICK here we have it.

a wonderful and unusual picture. Both are served. And another thing just happend. You got appetite of doing more such pictures. Now go, walk thru the ship always looking for unusual views.


Sometimes you just stand in front of them. You just have to LOOK  and arrange it a bit in your viewfinder.


It is so easy, you can even do it with a P&S camera. No hightech cam needed. Just your feet, your eyes and a bit of taste. So have have fun and use your vacation for unusual pictures. They will find their place in your photobooks and your guests after the travel will see them with open eyes and open mouths…..

And dont forget the view onto the blue seas….. All of them could be done with a simple and cheap P&S cam. Keep this in mind. But look out. In some cases, with bright and shiny parts or bright white areas you may dial in a + Compensation, perhaps +1 or +1.5 EV. No tricks, no miracles, no massive post processing. Have fun.

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