Hidden beauty

On 21/11/2011 by kweide

While looking through the garden and watching roses she asked to have a picture of her combined with the beauty of a red rose in form of a soft toned compostion. As i always tell you i have to do the same.: respect the wishes and try to realize them. It will give me the opportunity to shoot more attractive pictures with an impact, gives more material even for your eyes and gives her deep satisfication. So what ?? It is just a bit of work and here it is already:

The hidden beauty. A red rose, her beauty and both in combination with a blending technique to give it a special look. It was a “bulls eye” a direct hit! Her girlfriends got envious and that made her proud. Now it is printed and presented on her wall of fame :) I like such ideas :) It is good for my reputation and if YOU do it as well it will even work for your reputation ! So do it. Believe me, it is easy. But you have to do this on some fundamental rules and such derives from the emotional layer, from trust and relation. 

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