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On 24/11/2011 by kweide

Do the unexpected. Come over with a surprise. It is so easy. We often had the situation to take some portraits. And we all know how that works. Some are good some not, so what move on. Shoot more. ¬†After the session you will work thru 200 – 300 or even more pictures and you dont feel that good. Some were good, okay, but lots of pictures will show closed eyes, blur, missed focus or other failures. Some were indeed okay but do not have the wanted expression. Portaits often have to be nice looking !! ( shiver …. ) And you will deliver those. But what will happen when you take a not so nice looking picture ?

It will often be a surprise, a positive surprise ! First you have to invest a little work. Look at the selected pictures, think how they could work and what is needed that they can work. Often it is only a small effort to do “Arts” to produce pictures that produce the “Ahhhhhh” effect. Composing is one trick to pimp a picture into specific directions or do cut outs, black & white or choose a specific cut to create dynamic pictures with unusual look. That is the clue. DO the unexpected, deliver a probe of YOUR understanding what a good picture is. This will be a wonderful chance to show expertise, skill and will in return pays a lot back and it strengthens the “emotional layer” to your model, to your customers as well.

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