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On 28/11/2011 by kweide

He woke up in the early morning. A strange noise was the reason. It was dark outside and he could hear this noise again. Bang Bang. Someone was knocking at his door. His bedroom was upstairs and he decided  to NOT go down but to look out of his window first to see who was so bold to nearly crash his door. So he opend the little bedroom window and what did he see ? Oh what a sweet surpise what his eyes could see. It was SHE, Mrs. Robinson stood in front of his door, looking up to him, so sweet. And his ears could hear:

“Hey Sir, my car crashed down, i think it is the battery. It did not start, this fxxxxxx thing. Can you help ?? Would you be so kind to help me, i have to reach my office in time !” His throat went dry, his heart went up to 300 beats and he said: “Yes Mam, for sure, just wait a second !” Her ran down opened the door stepped thru and stood where she stood just a second ago. But she was away, vansihed …. Suddenly he heard a klicking noise behind him. Oh no, the door was closed automatically and he forgot to take the keys with him. And now he recognized that is was cold, about 0°C and he has nothing on but a pyjama, thin slippers and the first snow started falling on him …. He was so angry about himself, registering now that Mrs. Robinson never had a car. She always used the bus !!! What a silly fool he was. Now it was up to him to break his front door :)

Sweet revenge….

Details: Olympus E-5, Summilux 25 mm, F1.4, 1/60 second, ISO200 and again the famous single hotshoe flash bounced slightly behind and over my left shoulder into a white reflector.


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