The cat survived

On 29/11/2011 by kweide

It was a good decision to use the fur of a winter jacket and not a cat bent around her neck…the cat would not have survived. But cats have 9 lifes ? Is it so ?? Okay, we decided to accept this statement unproofed and put the alternative fur around her.

Is this okay for you ?? She felt fine with that :) Olympus E-5, ISO200, 1/30 second, f3.9, 45 mm focal length, Zuiko 12-60SWD and again one single flash bounced to my left into a white wall. Again no tricks…

2 Responses to “The cat survived”

  • O my God….
    Such eyes, the look is awesome, stunning, knocking me down ! How can you resist such look while shooting pictures ?? She is a Goddess !

    • You are right, she is a Goddess and i do not know how but only YES i do resist !!! It is part of serious work: Only pictures, never touch ! BTW, that is the reason to have a female assistant. She can touch the model without problems, arrange clothes, modify make up etc.


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