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On 03/12/2011 by kweide

Some of you asked me, whether i always use my Olympus E-5 with all its gears even when i am travelling. First, it is a difficult to answer question. It depends would be the correct answer. 2-3 years back in time the answer would have been 100% YES. But now…

The more i travel the more i wish to travel light. A Leica M camera would be a wonderful solution wit 3 lenses: 24 mm, 50 mm and 90 mm. A perfect travel set and wonderful for portrait shooting as well. Ever saw the Leica pricelist ?? So here is my solution:

It is a Olympus E-P3 with exactly the travel set as said above. 12 mm, 25 mm, 45 mm. Ups you say, it is always half the focal length. Yes, correct. The Olympus System is based on a chip which has, compared to a full frame camera, a cropfactor of 2. So easy. And above shown primes are FAAAAAAST. F1.4 and F2…..

The complet set fits beautifully into the small und stealthy ThinkTank Restrospective 5. A big flash gun, batteries, SD cards etc as well. And it is still light in weight.


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