On 10/11/2011 by kweide

Rainy day. Whe he looked out of his windows in the early morning he could see her windows. The were closed and the veils behind the windows did not allow a view into her rooms. Mrs. Robinson. It was all about her in his mind. Sitting in his dark room behind his camera, resting on a tripod, telelens mounted and nothing happened. The online cam just sucking the batteries empty…. Okay, he decided to go for a coffee, just a walk into his kitchen. What a failure …. When he entered the kitchen he could see her window veils going away, the windows went open and she was in the open window, nothing on….. and he in the kitchen, with a cup of boiling hot coffee in his hands. And off he goes… swapping hot coffee over his hands, running back into his camera room. No time to look thru the viewfinder just pressing the shutter. Klick, klick, klick it does and he had some picture of her taken, hopefully.

Than he recognized his burned hands asking what the guys in the office would asked him about that ?? And what did he get ?? A wonderful picture of her. 100% veiled. Oh no ! He was too late !

So what do we learn ??? Do not walk for coffee or you will burn your hands ? No, you will loose the most beautiful picture. Stay concentrated and focussed, your model in touch until you have your picture. Coffee always afterwards or you can establish a shooting on the loo …. really ???

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