Her answer

On 29/12/2011 by kweide

After the first schock her well known smile came back. And YES she liked it to be on Vogue, on the Billboards within the city. And what she likes more was the big, fat check she got from her Boss. So she decided to say: “Thank You”, to her special friend, the neigbor. It was was done within a second, one phone call, one click with the mouse and the surprise will start.
In the night everyting was done. She watched it, knowing her neigbor was on vacation, so she could test  the effect. Hellion smile in her face !!
When he came back from vacation the next evening he felt wonderful. He had a fantastic time in Hawai and he knew about Mrs. Robinson and the “Publications” very well. A deep smile in his face, ear to ear ! Bad air in the house. He went upstairs, entered his sleeping room and opened the window: “Aiaiaiaiaiaiaiiaiaiaaaaaaaa” he shouted. Crazy bright lights went on, illuminating an incredible large poster. The light was so intense he was blinded for some seconds. Than he saw the picture:

And in big fat letters: “Boy, thanx for your effort but i hope you can do better next time !”

Details: Olympus E-5, ISO400, Summilux 25 mm @ f1.4, 1/125 second and the famous single flash bounced to my left into a Zebra-structred reflector.

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