On 10/11/2011 by kweide

Yes, thats what she is, runs thru his mind on his way into the office. While walking down the street to the bus stop he looked at his burned hands. Both wrapped in gauze bandage and aching. What a damned and bloody day. So he passed her house, Mrs. Robinsons house. And he really tried to pass it without a look. But he could not resist. Just a quick glimpse. And that was what he could see:

She was sitting just behind the window, only her office jacket on but fully opened, sitting at her dining table. Looking at him, smiling, fixing his eyes and while he was passing the window his eyes were locked on her, impossible to look elsewhere until cruel reality brought him back into the real world. The cruel reality was a traffic road sign he crash with, hurting him badly ….. And while enjoying his brutal pains, crouched down, he could not see her, laughing… what a film a like scene !! Yes, she is a hellion !

So please keep your eyes always on the the important things or brutal life will give you some pain ! And you are the funny person, laughed at.

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