Sweet seductress

On 10/11/2011 by kweide

A woman can do, what a woman can do. Or should i say: “She does want she wants ?” Or even better: “She does what she is !” Yes, agree. And it is your job as photographer to bring this to a picture. Show what she is, use the emotional layer.

Use all you have learned already, go close, give room, seek for unusual views, find her expression, work your storyboard and check that SHE is aligned with HER storyboard.

And please, keep a distance between her and yourself. If you both are doing right, you will build up an erotic tension, a scenery where reality and phantasy come together building a new reality, a new world and suddenly you are part of it.

Thats OK as long as you know where your security rope is :) Do not touch :) Just work on this emotional wave and you will get what You are !!

Details: Olympus E-3, ISO2000, 1/320 second, f3.2, one hot shoe flash fired over my left shoulder into a white reflector, flash in HSS mode

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