On 08/02/2012 by kweide

Today you see a total different thing. My spooky forest. See these dark big trees, with its cold fingers up into the sky. See the light breaking thru the branches. Would you like having a walk thru my spooky forest ??

I can promise, you will enjoy it. The spooky forest does not exist. Just in my and your imagination. In reality it is a wonderful bright tree. See here:

How i did it ?? Easy. Just one shot with my infamous E-P3 and the miraculous Zuiko 12mm. In PP i made tree new copies of the original layer and blended them together with blending mode Multiply. Opacities adjusted per layer. Thru individual masks i removed sharp edges. The last was converting it into b&w and a little curves and levels. Add a little grain to it. Thats all about it. 5 minutes works.

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