Is it kismet ?

On 13/02/2012 by kweide

Today was the day. Our lovely Mrs. Robinson did what she had planned long time ago. Clean up the loft. It was dark, a bit cold, moldy air in the loft but she thought it was a good idea to get rid of all that old stuff stored there. She found a lot to trash and trashed it when she suddenly discovered an old large and wooden box with an old handwritten label on it. Nearly faded but she could she that it was from her Grandpa and Grandma. “Wow, a treasure!” she thought and started to unpack … Yes, a treasure. She found old love-letters, covered in dust, tied together with red ribbons and a smaller box full of pictures. One of these pictures was totally a surprise for her

“Grandma was a beautiful girl”, she thought while holding the old picture and unfolding a letter which was glued to the backside of the photo. “Oh no !” She read the truth. Her Grandma and her Grandpa… no no no. They lived in the same district, even the same street, they were neighbours ! And what they did to each other were exactly the same what she and her neighbour were doing with each other. Parallels !! And in the the end they found together ! What a shock ! She took the picture and closed the wooden box. No further clean up today. Is she heading the same destiny ??? She was confused.

Olympus E-P3, ISO400, 1/60 second, Summilux 25mm, f1.8, no flash and no reflector

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