On 26/02/2012 by kweide

What if you walk over the frozen river, it is early morning, the soft and pale sun just kissing the snowy ice. You are all alone and in the middle of the river when it suddenly happens. The ice cracks. Just a second, a heartbeat later you are 100% down into the cold icy water, the river tears you underneath the ice, far away from where you broke thru. No chance at all. No one there to help you. No one could hear your under water screaming, your fight against the hard ice, against the cold water tearing you more and more under the frozen ice mantle. No one could see your eyes so wide opened full of anxiety until the finger of death touches you, calming you down….

Hours later the tragedy is discovered by some skaters. Finding your body under the ice

Looking so full of peace and beauty. Eisblume…..

Both pictures are made of 6 layers, blended together. Starting material was done with: Olympus E-P3, ISO200, Summilux 25, F2, 1/80 second. No flash used here but some PP with simply opacity and mask adjustments…. have a try. One final word : The model is 100% healthy, she was never under the frozen ice of a river :)

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