Long time no hear

On 04/03/2012 by kweide

What is on with Mrs. Robinson ?? Nothing ?? No news on her discovery in the loft ?? We tried to get into contact with her, but no chance. While knocking at her door we met her neighbor. Yes THE neighbor. He smiled and showed us a small window to get a view of what is going on in her house…what a chance.

There she was. WOW. Something was going on. She looked very concentrated, thinking on something. From time to time, she bowed a little forward to make notes, using her small Moleskin notebook….

And suddenly she had this look, this outstanding facial expression. Uuuuhhhhhhh, that is her hellion expression. We now understood her neighbor. Boys we were in the same situation, standing side by side in front of this little window of her house, like little boys, nervous, eagerly, like a peeping Tom ….. did she see us ????? We ran away like little dirty boys…. what a thrill !

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