The best camera

On 11/11/2011 by kweide

Is it a secret ??? What is the best camera ? When you check the internet, read all posts in all boards you can register, you see a hundred of different answers. Take this, take that, only be happy with this and so on. Yes all answers are correct ! It always depends on personal feeling, emotions, technical features import to the answering person and all this stuff. For me there is a simple and easy answer: The best camera is the camera i have with me ! It gives me the simple possibility to make pictures !! No camera means no pictures and that would be the worst situation. People believe that only the newest, the most functional, the camera with maximum this or that will better their pictures, would give excellent performance. This is wrong. It is YOU who is doing the picture ! It is YOUR emotional layer, YOUR trusty relationship, YOUR bold standing, YOUR composition, YOUR decisive moment, YOUR post processing, YOUR what so ever. So change your mind and suddenly your understand why this unsharp pictures from this shitty little kiddy cam is your TOP FAVORITE picture.

With that in mind you have a different approach, you see situations and situations are so many. You only have to act, sometimes with a smile, sometimes you have to ask. But it is definitely not important which camera you have in your hands. It is only important THAT you have a camera in place. I often shoot with the P&S camera my wife has in her handbag… so what ! There are a lot of “best cameras” out there. Depends on you ! Well, the correct answer is: The best camera is YOU ! You have the picture already in your mind BEFORE you press the button. Think on it and have tons of fun.

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